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My Story

My name is Darrell Barber and I am an Artist & Entrepreneur of many mediums.

I Drive inspire & assist businesses and Individuals alike to improve & sharpen their brands to the highest level into becoming self-maintaining , self-actualized and self-sustaining through an  Expanded  Vision.

We all strive to make steady income out of our passion. I had an unflinching Drive for this; A need that had to be met. So I created the opportunity for my Artistry & my Passion to become my main source of steady income.

A lot of times we get stuck working our 9-5’s working in environments that have nothing to do with art or being creative. These jobs have their purpose for a time, but what we really want is to pursue our passion. I worked at Home Depot & other day jobs, each one a little less than a year.

 I felt unhappy. Each time I felt more of a magnetic pull towards my artistry and  my entrepreneurial side. My mind was constantly there . I worked my day job , worked several gigs, and worked with clients  simultaneously. Constantly, each one improved on the next, and I saw the volume of these gigs and clients increase to the point where I was being requested by businesses & taking a large amount of days off. I was constantly on the phone with clients while at my day job. I was thinking of new concepts and pieces of artwork to create while working.  Plus, what I was making pursuing my passion was triple the amount . Time was up. So around 2012, I decided the obvious; That I needed to  take a risk and fully pursue what I really wanted and was being led to do.

Its not about working with a large amount of clients but the right clients and businesses. Over the years many Individuals and businesses alike requested my services after working with me, and would always make a recommendation. I found that I have become successful by working with clients that reflected and amplified what I do as an artist and entrepreneur. These clients complimented my skills & strengths and challenged me in the process, so they became consistent clients . So it wasn’t about the amount of clients I had, but the quality of my work that made an impression to work with the right businesses that were always satisfied near the conclusion of our project, which truly enhanced their brand.


I am successful today because I have touched each and every one of my clients in this way. I truly strive to help others realize their goals and dreams, and it isn't always about charging a large sum of money for a project. It’s about focusing on what that business needs. I find out what the needs of each business or individual is, then I look at where they are and have a conversation about their vision, and their goals. I help them turn it all into a reality by using my “Creative Force.”

To me, this is where my Artistry and Spirituality meet to create the best for what each and every project entails to satisfy each and every client to the fullest and highest degree; Inspiring them to do even more with their brand.


One of my most recent clients is Kevin Barret. I have helped him to create his SuperLa Nova business and incorporated business brand and umbrella companies. With business cards, logos, graphic design, and more, we continue to work together on unique artistic content, in order to boost and propel his vision into the future. Another notable client I have worked with is Aaron Hill, a musician from the Baltimore MD area. I worked on his personal brand, social media content and Fruition Experience (& Friends) Concert Footage and Vlog Videos as a personal videographer through 2018 & 2019. Working with JVISION of California was interesting. I used my past work of creating music videos out of instrumentals to tell sonic stories with sharp video editing close to each rhythm out of the sounds JVISION crafted. One of the most interesting projects I was invited to be a part of was a Documentary film called 1968 The Journey 50 Years Later. As an actor, I was hired by Karim Ali to be a part of this film. I portrayed a young man who was researching and looking into the late 60’s at the tail end of the civil rights movement, during the height of Martin Luther King Jr’s walk and tragic assassination. My character visualized himself during the time period and the aftermath of these events, which propels the viewer into the documentary itself.


By involving myself in many of these projects and creating uniformity with my online presence and clientele, I have made an impression of reliability. My work ethic has become known to create unique out of the box content and products that push ideas and brands further. We are all capable of fully pursuing our passion, but the question is, do we have the Drive to Create the Opportunity to do so?

                                 I am here for you and there is so much to offer.

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