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Voice Of The Blue Sacred Kandel - Jesus


Voice Of The Blue Sacred Kandel - Jesus Merging of a past life
(Limited Edition Print) (Gloss) 16 x 10 oil
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From an early Age the Creator instructed me to speak & walk a certain way a certain path of being . This painting came from a dream or a recording of a past life on the LEFT where  Yeshua  ( JESUS ) walked & this sacred name was uttered as a mantra and many miracles followed . The candle reveals the true spirit and the words created to verbally share the true story of that lifetime & a current one side by side. On the RIGHT the fulfilling of a pilgrimage made with prayers sent and answered on the sacred land of South Dakota and Wyoming . Travelling all the way into brightest blue light of a specific Angelic abode in the middle of an expanse .
(Limited Edition Art Print small 
10 X 12 (Conservative Natural Frame)
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(Limited Edition Art Print small 
10 X 8 (White Frame)
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The New Earth Inside of the New Expanse 
( Oil )
(Limited Edition Print) (Gloss)
16 x 10
Scratching The Universe
( Oil )
(Limited Edition Print) (Gloss)
20 x 24
A Series (Pair) these 2 paintings
Create a sort of Projection or Mural of what is to come 
My hand is outstretched in Scratching the Universe Envisioning my presence around the Milky Way with my logo floating above with Green Yellow & Purple chakra energy swirling & emanating from my head Divinely Inspired it calls back to the ancient buddhist symbolism of the East 
my hand then flips open to reveal and zoom into the
The New Earth inside of the New Expanse which is a brand new Oil painting piece that I've been working on throughout this year
Created from a (Dream) or Recording my hand is outstretched levitating the new earth in my palm reminiscent of the coming ascension with swirling stars & a purplish galaxy cluster with a slightly different layout of each planet
(Limited Edition Art Print small 
8 X 10 (White Frame)
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(Limited Edition Mini Art Print)
3 x 4  (Conservation Framed Art print)
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Spirit Animal Rabbit 
( Pencil )
Dakota Wesleyan Univ Courtyard Square 
Mitchell  (Sketch)
( Pen )
Bears Lodge Memory
( Pen )
unnamed (16).jpg
Number 4 !! My Illustration for the #sayitloudfilmfestival 2018 premiered at Artscape Big Thanks Tony Mendez for including me Shout out to the other super talented artists as well Full video here

2019   - Darrell Barber Creative Force Law Drive

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